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1. Grey’s Anatomy – 5×13 – Stairway to Heaven (MVP: Chandra Wilson, Ellen Pompeo, Eric Stoltz)
2. Criminal Minds – 4×13 – Bloodline (MVP: Paget Brewster, Adair Tishler, Thomas Gibson)
3. CSI NY – 5×13 – Rush to Judgment (MVP: Eddie Cahill, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Melina Kanakaredes)
4. Damages – 2×03 – I Knew Your Pig (MVP: Glenn Close, William Hurt)
5. The New Adventures of Old Christine – 4×14 – What Happens in Vegas Is Disgusting in Vegas (MVP: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Emily Rutherfurd)
6. Lost – 5×01 e 5×02 – Because You Left e The Lie (MVP: Jorge Gracia, Michael Emerson)
7. Gossip Girl – 4×16 – You’ve Got Yale (MVP: Kelly Rutherford)
8. Desperate Housewives – 5×13 – The Best Thing That Ever Could Have (MVP: Eva Longoria, Brenda Strong, Beau Bridges)
9. Two and a Half Men – 6×13 – I Think You Offended Don (MVP: Jon Cryer)
10. House – 5×12 – Painless (MVP: Lisa Edelstein, Martin Henderson, Jake Cherry)



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